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When and where you travel can make a huge difference in your life!  There are periods of a few days each year when your location has a great effect on the quality of your life in the months that follow.  The most important such period is defined by the moment when the Sun comes back to the exact position that it occupied at your birth, with respect to the fixed stars.  Technically, the chart for that moment is called your Precession-Corrected Solar Return, and it occurs around your birthday, give or take a day or two.  In addition, there are other important charts defined about 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months after your birthday (known as the Quartisolar, Demisolar and Triquartisolar Returns).

Since 1971, I have been testing the effects of traveling on these Return charts in my own life, and watching the effects of carefully-timed travel on friends and clients as well.  I have learned that the effective location of each such chart is wherever you are during the week preceding the Return. Your actual location at the moment of the Return is irrelevant, oddly enough.  The choice of a good chart is now up to you!

I print as many Returns as you want, well in advance, and analyze them for you. If a chart is really good (or maybe just indifferent) at the location where you expect to be during the week preceding a Return, I will encourage you to stay put.  On the other hand, if the chart is quite difficult at that location, I will find you one or more vacation spots where you can enjoy yourself during that crucial week, with the effect of significantly improving the chart.  This can make the difference between a wonderful time and a miserable time in the following months, as those of us know who have tested this for many years. 

Fortunately,  most Returns are not terrible -- but neither are they as good as they might be without the conscious choice to travel for them.  Most Returns are rather so-so, as with many things in life.  Often it is possible to change a so-so Return into a great one, or to change a terrible Return into one that is at least middling.  Even the latter is well worth doing, as experience has often shown.

The mechanics of relocating a Return Chart are exactly the same as those of relocating a Natal Chart.  For an explanation, please see the Relocation page of this web site.  Note, however, that the methods of interpretation differ radically between the two types of charts.

I offer consultations by phone and/or by cassette tape.  Fees are payable in advance by a check on a bank with a branch in San Diego, or by a cashier's check or money order in U.S. dollars, as follows:
Travel consultation for one year (4 travel opportunities:  Solar Return, Quartisolar, Demisolar and Triquartisolar Returns), $175. U.S.
These fees cover my preparation time as well as the time spent in the consultation itself.  If you have other specific requests, please contact me for pricing information regarding your own questions about travel and relocation.

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