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Welcome to the home page of Jim Shawvan, a Certified Astrology Professional with 46 years of experience.  Jim offers numerous types of consultations: "Lifelong Issues and Current Issues"; choosing dates and times for important actions; horary questions; relationships; relocation; and travel.  See list here.

Opportunity Periods ("OP's") are times when most people have a chance to think clearly and begin new projects with a good chance of success. The Llewellyn 2016 Daily Planetary Guide includes the Opportunity Periods for the entire year of 2016 in both Eastern and Pacific Time, with Jim's description of each period. OP's can range from a few hours to a few days in length.  See article on OP's.

Jim is available for tutoring by phone or in person, and he offers classes on Predictive Astrology as well as  workshops on Solar Fire, Solar Maps, Horary Astrology, and Electional Astrology.
Jim Shawvan's Right Place Consulting

E-mail: jshawvan@yahoo.com
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To read Jim's article from The Mountain Astrologer of April-May 2001, which predicted the possibility of attacks leading to war involving the U.S. and Afghanistan, click here.

On Oct. 29, 2000, Jim made public his speculation that the results of the U.S. Presidential election would not be known for a week or more after the election; that Bush would probably appear to be the winner at first, but ...
click on this link for the entire story.
Most consultations are done by phone or in person, and include a tape.  For electional and horary questions, consultations may also be done by e-mail.

Lifelong Issues and Current Issues (live consultation, including tape and charts)   $175.

Electional Astrology:
Best date and time for marriage                  $200.
Other electionals for individuals and                       small businesses                                      $100.
- Opening a business
- Incorporating a business
- Signing a contract (includes listing real estate)
- Making an offer on real estate
- Major purchases
- Applying for a job or a contracting position
- Interviewing an applicant
(Ask about rates for medium-sized and large businesses.)

Horary Astrology: Answering a question from the chart of the moment it was asked          $40.

Relationships: All types.  Inquire about rates.

Relocation: Finding the best places to live
- For one person, North America & Hawaii $225.
- For a couple in North America & Hawaii  $350.
- For one person worldwide                         $350.
- For a couple worldwide                              $550.
(Ask about rates for three or more people, or combined areas such as USA plus Europe.)

Travel: Four possible vacation times and places per year, designed to improve your life in the months that follow!                                       $175.

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In Jim's own search for the "perfect" place to live, he tried many cities in over 30 countries before picking the place that works best for him.  No location can be "perfect" for any of us, because we are not perfect beings ourselves.  However, where you live makes a huge difference in the quality of your life -- and so do the timing and location of your travels.  To learn more, see the Relocation page and the Travel page.

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