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A Natal Chart (birth chart) is a picture of the sky as it looked from a person's place of birth at that person's moment of birth.  Someone viewing the sky at that same moment from a different location on the Earth would have seen a different view of the sky -- and the greater the distance between the two places, the more dissimilar the two views would be.  Astrologers draw the chart to show the relation of the planets to the horizon, etc., ("house placement") as well as to the zodiac ("sign placement").  Thus the charts drawn for these two locations would accurately reflect the differences in the sky as seen from two viewpoints at the same moment.

A Relocation Chart is a chart for the moment of a person's birth, but done for a location other than the birthplace.   Experience shows that when you live some distance away from your place of birth, both of these charts work.  You never lose your natal chart, but in addition you have a relocation chart which shows somewhat different issues in the new location.  Imagine a big tub of water labeled "Natal Chart", where the water represents all the energy invested in the issues described by that chart.  By moving away, in effect, you drain about half of the water (energy) into another big tub labeled "Relocation Chart".  As long as you live in a particular place, that relocation chart is in effect, but when you move away, it ceases to work -- except when you have to deal with people who still live there.  Then the issues shown by the relocation chart will pop up again.

When I am helping a client pick a favorable place to live, I ask for a complete history of all the areas where they have already lived (for 6 months or more).   I print relocation charts for all those past locations, and tell the client what sorts of things were probably going on when they lived in each place.  This is a test of the accuracy of the client's birth data, and at the same time it is also a test of the technique.  If a client told me that I was way off base, I would suspect that the client's birth time might be wrong.  By the way, this has not happened so far -- but that's probably because I always insist on a fully documented birth time!

I offer consultations by phone and/or by cassette tape.  Fees are payable in advance by a check on a bank with a branch in San Diego, or by a cashier's check or money order in U.S. dollars, as follows:
For one person considering only North America and Hawaii, $225 U.S.
For a couple considering only North America and Hawaii, $350 U.S.
For one person, worldwide, $350 U.S.
For a couple, worldwide, $550 U.S.
These fees cover my preparation time as well as the time spent in the consultation itself.  If you have other specific requests (e.g., only the U.S.A. and Europe), please contact me for price information.

Jim Shawvan's Right Place Consulting

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