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The Presidential Election of 2000                                                      by Jim Shawvan

On Oct. 29, 2000, I sent the following message by e-mail to over 50 astrologers.  It was picked up by StarIQ.com, a major astrological web site, and began appearing there on Nov. 2nd.
Note:  Item 1 refers to a research project on presidential elections, which was in fact done by Judy Johns singlehandedly, as she has since informed me.
On Nov. 6, 2000, the day before the election, I was interviewed by a news team from KFMB-8 TV in San Diego.  The interview appeared that evening, and was rebroadcast at least once, on Nov. 8th.  The interview was very well edited, and was respectful of astrology.


Subject:  Speculation:  U.S. Election Results Delayed?

Since everybody else is predicting the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, I'll throw in my
2 cents worth.  I base this speculation (I wouldn't glorify it by calling it a prediction) on several facts.
1.  Some years ago a group of astrologers including Judy Johns, Joyce Wehrman, and others whose names I do not recall, did a major research project on U.S. presidential elections.  They concluded that "the guy with the worst chart wins."  Apparently the universe lets the loser go home and go fishing, whereas the winner is stuck with dealing with all the problems.
2.  Mercury will be exactly stationary direct as the results are being reported for the eastern states, and while polls are still open in some western states.  I suggest, for fun and games, doing a detailed comparison of the chart for the Mercury station with the charts of both Bush and Gore -- and don't leave out the 45-degree multiples, such as tPluto sesquiquad Bush's rSaturn, and tMars semisquare the midpoint of Gore's natal waxing Mars-Saturn conjunction.
3.  There is an apparent swing in many polls in favor of Bush, since Mercury went retrograde.
4.  There are some fast-moving transits which make it look as though Bush might be rather happy on election night, but perhaps not so happy a few days later -- and vice-versa for Gore.  Note in particular that tMars will conjoin Bush's rNeptune a few days after the election.

Therefore I will hazard the following guesses:
1.  The election may be so close in some states that it may be several days before the actual electoral college votes can be tallied with accuracy.  This could involve the counting of absentee ballots, and possible charges of fraud or irregularities in some places.
2.  As of election night, it may look very much like a Bush victory, but uncertainty may develop as the count goes on.
3.  As of a week or so after the election, when most of the Virgo detail stuff has been sorted out, Gore may have the edge in electoral votes -- but it may not be certain even then.


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