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The following is a list of lectures which Jim Shawvan has presented on intermediate and advanced topics in astrology, including locational and predictive techniques. If Jim is in the San Diego area, tapes of most of these lectures are available -- for ordering information, and Jim's e-mail address, see the bottom of this page. While Jim is traveling, this is on hold.

Finding Opportunity Periods.  Learn how to use an astrological calendar to pinpoint times when your actions are more likely to lead to the outcomes you want!  We have all experienced the frustration of phoning a company for information and getting no help at all, and yet at another time we call and get all the help we need.  The difference is not necessarily in our individual transits -- more likely, it is simply our timing.  Learn when to sign contracts, buy important items, meet new people... you name it!  This is elementary electional astrology -- possibly the most valuable use of astrology there is for daily life.  Handout.

Another Approach to Relationships:  Arabic Parts in Synastry.  (NO TAPE AVAILABLE.) Arabic Parts are three-point formulas which have been used in Western Classical Astrology at least since the time of the ancient Greeks -- in spite of the "Arabic" in their name!  In this lecture, Jim presents the brief list of 15 Parts which he himself relies on, almost all of which have to do with relationships.  These include the Part of Fascination, Part of Love, Part of Desire and Sexual Attraction, New Part of Attraction, Part of False Love, Part of Private Enemies, and more.  The charts of two famous couples are used as examples of how the Arabic Parts have worked out in synastry in real life.  Charts and synastry pages included.

The Astrology of Travel.  Week-long vacations at carefully selected times and places can bring huge advantages in the months that follow.  Learn the use of  Precession-Corrected Solar and Lunar Returns, and also the Quartisolar, Demisolar, and Triquartisolar Returns, which occur 3 months, 6 months and 9 months after the birthday.  These charts are always relocated, and the area in which you spend the week preceding each Return is the effective location of the chart.  From slides of real examples, learn to find the most promising locations for any Return.  Charts included.

Relocation:  Picking the Right Place to Live.   Learn how an astrologer specializing in relocation helps people choose places to live, with the aim of bringing out each person's best potential.  This slide-illustrated  talk demonstrates the use of astrolocality maps, relocation charts, parans and geodetic charts, using the biography of a well-known individual.  Charts, maps, etc., are included.

Astrolocality Maps show all the places on Earth where each planet was rising, setting, etc., at a particular moment -- usually the moment of a person's birth.  These maps are a wonderful tool, allowing a quick process of elimination when looking for a good place to live, or (in the case of a Return chart) a good place to vacation.  Real examples show the uses of these maps as well as their limitations, and how to go beyond them to the next step in picking a location.  Maps and charts included.

Geodetics:  The Astrological Nature of Places.   There is more to relocation than moving your own chart around -- you also need to consider the character of the place itself.  The system of geodetics derives information about a place from its longitude and latitude, and it works so well that it has become a standard technique in mundane astrology.  This slide-illustrated talk makes it clear how geodetics influences not only the individual but also the events that make news headlines, such as wars, revolutions and natural disasters.  Multiple example charts included.

Multiple Simultaneous Transits.   Note the "Rule of Three" -- when something unusual happens in your life, there are usually three or more transiting or progressed planets aspecting a single natal pattern all at once.  This slide-illustrated lecture presents a number of fascinating studies of multiple transits, including some dramatic cases in which the "hits" are far from obvious, involving rarely used but powerful aspects.  Charts included. Available as MP3 file.

Day-to-a-Year Progressions.   (NO TAPE AVAILABLE.)  Also commonly called "major" or "secondary" progressions -- though this predictive technique is definitely not secondary in importance to anything!  One day in transit after your birth is equated to one year of your life, so it's easy just to look in the ephemeris and get a rough idea of what's going on.  Good computer programs can calculate exact secondary progressed charts for any date, with cusps derived by any of three methods (not house systems, but methods of deriving the progressed Midheaven).  Using actual case histories, this slide-illustrated lecture also includes the use of the powerful daily ("quotidian") progressed cusps for very important events in one's life.

Month-to-a-Year Progressions.  Usually called "minor" progressions in contrast to the "major" type, this method is anything but minor in importance, and should be part of every astrologer's tool  kit.  One lunar month in transit after your birth is equated to one year of your life -- so each of your Lunar Returns equates to a birthday.  This is a very powerful technique, not nearly as widely used as it deserves to be, perhaps because it was only popularized in the 20th century.  Bring your natal chart, a pencil or two, and an ephemeris that includes at least 7 years starting with your year of birth.  We'll learn how incredibly simple it is to do month-to-a-year progressions right in the ephemeris -- let alone with a good computer program.  Handout.

If Jim is in the San Diego area, tapes may be ordered.

Almost all of these lectures are available on cassette tapes at $15.00 U.S. each, including shipment within the U.S.A.  (Note that NO tapes of the Arabic Parts lecture nor the Major Progressions lecture are available.) A single tape will be shipped by first-class mail, whereas two or more ordered at the same time will be shipped by Priority Mail.  If you are outside the U.S.A., please e-mail me (see below) to inquire about the costs and types of shipment.  Payment may be in the form of a check on a bank with a branch in San Diego, or a cashier's check or money order in U.S. dollars.

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